You’re Too Smart for Your Own Good

Cookie:  Daddy, why are there so many Santa Clauses running around the city?*

Me:   SantaCon is a pretty fun party.

[Oh, good, the internal parental filter is working today.]

Me:  They’re, ummm… people who dress up pretending to be Santa and his helpers, sorta like how you and all of your friends dressed up as Elsa for Halloween.

Cookie:  Well, they’re not very good Santas.

MeThat’s because they’re wasted.

[I owe you again, internal parental filter]

Me:  They’re only pretending to be Santa, Cookie.  When you dressed up as Elsa, did you get her magical powers?

Cookie:  No, I meant that they’re falling over like Mommy when she drank the bad grape juice at the Italian restaurant.

*last week

9 thoughts on “You’re Too Smart for Your Own Good

  1. You certainly pay for those days when the parental filter takes a minute or two to kick in. You end up having your ‘initial reaction’ thrown back in your face for the next three weeks.


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