Lego Friends Complaint

Dear Lego,

I have a complaint about the Lego Friends line of toys.  It’s not the usual one about gender stereotyping (though as a parent I have to do extra work to unchain the limiting play aspects of this line, but fortunately as a long time Lego customer, I have enough bricks to allow my girl to create a world of imagination and adventure on her own).  It’s not about the body image of the minifigs, though, for some reason, boys get the classic, blocky people while girls get the thinner, Barbie-distortion ones.  It’s not even a complaint that the armor, backpacks and other body wear don’t work across the two Lego products.  Nope.

Do you know how hard it is for a procrastinating dad with OCD to wrap the damn Lego Friends boxes at 2 AM on Christmas morning?  Do you really need the oblong edges?



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