International Trade

Cookie, seeing Mommy and Daddy pack:  I need to pack toys for vacation.

Me: No, Cookie, we don’t take toys on vacation.

Cookie:  Oh, yeah.  Grandma and Grandpa have toys at their house.

Me:  No, Cookie, we’re going to Korea to visit Halmoni*, not Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Florida.

Cookie:  Oh ok.  We can buy new toys in Korea.  They’re cheaper there.

Me: …!

Five thoughts ran through my brain:

A.  Yep, that’s true, but where did you learn that?

B.  Yep, you’re spoiled.  I need to teach you a little bit about expecting toys from everywhere we go.

C.  Yep, that’s true, but where?

D.  It’s a long plane ride, so you probably should pack some toys.**

E.  Yep, that’s true, but?


* Korean for “grandmother.”

**  Future omniscient dad note: you ended up packing a few toys and played with none of them.

4 thoughts on “International Trade

    • Oh, I’m quite familiar with the distractions requirement. The first thing I packed was her iPad, charger, and portable recharger (in case the plane’s seat charger didn’t work). I shouldn’t have bothered. The entertainment console on the plane was completely unlocked and came with a pull-out controller. Other than giggling loudly and occasionally asking the flight attendant for juice, she didn’t say a thing for fourteen hours.

      I guess I should provide some context as I only posted our dialogue. Cookie wanted to pack her Lego sets (those things don’t survive trips), heavy diecast cars and airplanes, and a wooden train set. We settled on three cars, two Transformers, and a stuffed bear. These six items never left her backpack the entire trip.


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