The Dangers of Korean Soap Operas and Grandmothers

Halmoni*:  Cookie, sit next to me.  My soaps are on.

Mommy: Mom, its 9:30.  It’s way past Cookie’s bedtime.

Halmoni: She’s fine.  Look, I raised you, and you turned out ok, right?

Mommy: But you never, ever let me watch TV when I was growing up.

Halmoni:  Shhhhhhhh!

Cookie:  Why is everybody crying?

Me [stupid jet lag killed the internal dad filter]:  She cheated on her husband, who also cheated on her with her sister.  Their mom found out and is trying to use it to take over their company, and their dad is dying.  I think.  I don’t understand Korean.

Me: [Dammit, now I’ve got some explaining to do.]

Cookie:  Ok.

Cookie:  What’s cheating?  Are they not playing by the rules?

Me: [YES! Off the hook!]

Me:  Yep.  They’re getting very sad because they always change the cards when no one is looking.**

Cookie:  It’s silly to get so upset about something so small.

Me:  That’s the point of Korean dramas.  You can tell by all the serious music.

Cookie: Dun dun DUN!

Halmoni: Shhhhhh!


* Grandma

** Candyland, not poker.  I’m not that advanced (must teach probability before teaching poker) irresponsible of a parent.

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