Happy Easter

I’m not sure exactly why it started, but every Easter morning, we set up a miniature Easter egg hunt for you in the living room.  It started when you were a few months old when I bought a dozen plastic eggs.  Over the years, you attended various Easter egg hunts at various events, and this year (late last night) when I ran out of hiding spaces in the living room, I suddenly came to the realization that you’ve adopted my packrat ways.  In three years, you’ve accumulated 138 and 5/2 (unmatched halves) eggs.  How?

Mommy and I, fearful that you’d accumulate those cheap plastic eggs that will never degrade, intentionally bought you a little basket that couldn’t hold that many eggs in the first place.  As you don’t like candy anyway, Cookie, we’re the family that gives away our eggs at every Easter egg hunt.  138! (and 5/2).

Maybe the Easter Bunny is real, and he lays cheap plastic eggs all over our house.  Litterbug.


You haven’t played with this toy since you were six months old.  I think the only reason why I haven’t gotten rid of the alligator is that he’s such a great hiding place for Easter eggs.  You always give him a double take.

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