You Can’t Buy Me … That Easily

Never ask a question to which you do not already know the answer.  Mommy should know that rule –she is a litigator, after all.  She also plays favorites: a bad combination.

Mommy:  Cookie, do you like Mommy better or Daddy better?

Usually you’re diplomatic:

Cookie:  I like Mommy and Daddy better.

Sometimes you tell the truth:

Cookie: I like Daddy better.

At this point, I pull Mommy aside to gently remind her that this line of questioning probably isn’t the most mentally healthy (even if she usually is joking when she asks), but by now she’s so perturbed (her mood may or may not be caused by the ear to ear grin I usually have at this time) that she continues:

Mommy: Why do you like Daddy better?

Cookie:  He buys me ice cream.

That’s not the most solid foundation for a daddy-daughter relationship, but I’ll take it.

After this conversation repeated itself several times (distressing Mommy more than she cared to admit), she took you to an ice cream truck that parked itself outside of our building one afternoon.

That evening, as we’re putting you to bed, Mommy started down the same disaster road again.

Mommy:  Who do you like better?  Mommy or Daddy?

Cookie: I like Daddy better.

Mommy: Why?  I buy you ice cream too.

Cookie holding up a finger: Once.

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