Do You Look Like Mom or Dad?

Cookie, your unfiltered honesty has caused Mommy a lot of grief over the years.

Mommy: I thought she looked like both of us, but now I think she looks like me.

Me: I always thought she looks like you.  She has your eyes, your nose, your lips, your cheeks, your hair…

Mommy:  She doesn’t have my forehead.

Me:  Her forehead is much closer to yours than mine.

Mommy: That forehead is your mother’s.

Cookie:  No, I don’t have Mommy’s forehead.  I don’t have lines.

Mommy: !

While Mommy does have one little line, I predict Mommy will use a lot of moisturizer yet again tonight.

Fun Around New York City

Barbecued whole hog.  I suppose that I should stop being surprised that everything and anything may be found in this colossal metropolis, but given that I couldn’t find a decent sweet tea for years (aside from my own kitchen), imagine my surprise to find this glorious meal without having to head south of the Mason Dixon.

Daisy Mays Whole Hog

Bonus:  Daisy Mays BBQ serves excellent sweet tea, served in campy Mason jars.

We went with a big group of friends and their kids, and unfortunately, there are always drawbacks when dining with a group of kids.

Cookie’s Friend:  OH NO!  They cooked Peppa Pig!

Cookie’s Friend’s Mom:  That’s not Peppa Pig.

Cookie’s Friend crying:  How do you know?

Cookie’s Friend’s Mom: That’s not a real pig.  That’s a delicious pig… for eating.

Cookie, needless to say, your friend didn’t eat much pulled pork that day.  She missed out.  Peppa Pig was delicious.

Extra Bonus:  The restaurant is located a couple blocks away from this:


Somewhere along the way, Cookie, you became obsessed with airplanes and spaceships.  Instead of a doll in your stroller, you push around a Lego Osprey.  Planes was your favorite movie (until Frozen), but the Elsa doll always sits on the shelf watching you play with Dusty, El Chupacabra, Bravo, and Rochelle.

Naturally the Intrepid became the most interesting thing available (next to Lagaurdia), but the thing that made it awesome was the Enterprise.  Now, not only did you come back raving about airplanes, we had to build SPACESHIPS!

July 4th Redux

I felt sorry for our poor neighbors Saturday night as we waited for the fireworks to begin.


An illegal firework exploded in the distance.

Larisa:  I see one!  I see one!

Cookie, you got your abnormally sharp hearing from me.  Cathode ray TVs drove me insane.  When grandpa installed a squirrel noise repellent in the attic of their house, I stopped visiting.  You and your friend’s high pitched shrieking at the top of your little, but surprisingly powerful, lungs was physically painful.  Remember that pain in your ears during that airplane trip when you had a stuffy nose?  Scuba diving when you can’t clear? That’s the pain, but sharper.

I couldn’t wait until the fireworks show started so I could have some peace and quiet.

Happy 4th of July

It never surprises me the number of things that occur in and around New York City.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but every time I turn the corner, there’s something new.

Federal Hall

Directly across from the drums and fifes on Federal Hall sat an old man playing an ErHu, a poor immigrant playing in front of the symbol of America’s wealth.

Wall Street Erhu

Happy 4th.

Wall Street