Stand Up


When you’re older, you’ll learn that Muslims are people worship God a little bit differently than we Christians do, and because a handful of Muslims did some very bad things, lots of other people want to treat Muslims badly.  In your four year-old mind, you’d call this “bullying.”  Unfortunately, as you get older, you’ll learn about “discrimination,” “bigotry,” “fear-mongering,” and “hysteria.”

This is the sad part of human nature, Cookie.  The human mind wants to draw similarities and see patterns in an incomprehensible world, and  when we’re scared or hurt, we lash out, and those that appear different or strange are easy targets.  In kindergarten and elementary school, it’s the kids with the funny names or the stutter or somehow stand out.  As we get older, Cookie, it’s the people who are disadvantaged or different, who don’t look like us, who don’t believe the same way we do, or who just happens to be the target of some politician trying to gain a few votes at any cost.

Stand up to the bullies, Cookie.  In the words of Martin Niemöller, speak out.

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