5 Going on 15

Some subway trains smell more than others in New York.  However, the subway is often the most convenient way to get across the city, especially when the streets are clogged.  Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t usually help the mood of the people jammed into the train like sardines.

Cookie:  The chemical smell in this train is making me really edgy.

Me too, Cookie.  Me too.

Slogan Time, Mommy!

Mommy and I are both sick from something you gave us last week: coughing, sneezing, mucousy, gross.  Mommy is incapacitated on the couch.

Mommy:  Cookie, can you hand me a tissue, please?

You look around and don’t see a tissue box.  Instead, you snag an used tissue from the pile Mommy placed on the coffee table.

Mommy:  Cookie, can you get me a new tissue?

Cookie:  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.