Happy Father’s Day to Me

Cookie:  I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: After we’re done ordering.

Cookie:  Can you take me please?

Me: But .. ok.


Cookie: Carry my backpack please.


Cookie: I don’t want to use my scooter anymore.  Can you carry it?


Cookie:  I’m tired.  Can you carry me?

Me: But…

Cookie: Please?

Me:  Ok.


Cookie: I want Daddy to give me a bath tonight.


Cookie:  Daaaaaaady!  I finished pooping.  Come and wipe my butt please.

Me:  It’s Father’ Day.  Shouldn’t I get a rest?  Can’t Mommy do it?

Cookie:  But it’s Father’s Day!  I want Daddy to do it.

Me: [word deleted]… Ok.


And a happy Father’s Day it was.  I can’t move today (why do you never get tired or asked to be carried when you walk with just Mommy?), but I wouldn’t change a thing.