America -the Best Country in the Nation

Cookie:  What’s an election?

Me: That’s when everybody picks their leaders.  Everyone gets one vote, and the person with the most votes wins.

Cookie:  Why do people do that?

Me: It’s a democracy, Cookie.  This way everyone gets a say in how they want their government to work by voting for the person they like.

Cookie:  Ok.  So who do you like, Daddy?

Me:  Well…  nobody.  I’m probably going to vote for whomever I dislike the least.

Cookie:  So democracy is people voting for people they don’t hate?

Me:  …


4 thoughts on “America -the Best Country in the Nation

  1. Will someone explain politely to clueless Dad that we do not elect the President or Vice President by “the most votes”? We hold 50 different elections for them on the same day, to award Electoral College votes state-by-state, then add up the results from each of those. Sometimes whoever gets the most votes is different from whoever gets the most Electoral College votes.


      • Heh, heh, no. I’m suggesting teaching YOUR five year-old. We were taught it in Kindergarten, back in 1959, and my son understood the three branches and elections by age four (he read at three), but I hear schools are more “dumbed-down” these days.


      • Ah, the fun one-upsmanship of parenting.

        As the latest developmental studies show neurological pathways that support linguistics and mathematics are formed early, it is more beneficial to encourage toddlers to learn languages and math than to learn humanities and civics, things that they can pick up more easily later. How am I doing on the condescension front?

        Facetiousness aside, different kids learn at different paces, and different parents place different emphasis on their children’s development.

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