Precocious Foodie

Cookie at 13 months:  Daaaaad, I want some-ting diffa-rent.  I had this yesterday.  I want bread.  No, noodles.  And curry on the noodles.  And crab in the curry.

Note to future Cookie: yes, you started talking really, really early, and your vocabulary has always been incredible.  Yes, you completely shocked us with your first verbal demand for a different dinner.  No, your attempts since haven’t been as cute or as well received.  No, your foodie tendencies were not taught by your parents.  While we did try to expose you to different flavors and foods very early, that discerning taste has always been your own.  We always found it amusing that as an infant you could sit through dinners and inhale copious quantities of food at high quality restaurants without any fuss, while an iPad would only buy us 30 minutes to eat dinner at places where the dishes was less satisfactory.