This Is Where I Belong

Mommy:  * braaap*  Oops, excuse me.

Cookie: That’s a 4, Mommy!

Mommy:  What did you say?

Cookie:  That was short and a little on the quiet side.  It’s a 4.

Mommy: …!

There are times when every father of a little girl has to sit back and wonder what type of influence he has had on her impressionable little mind and worry about what irreparable damage his slightest mistake may have caused.

Mommy:  No, that was at least a 7.  Mommy’s burps gets bonus points.

Cookie:  No, 4.  7s need to be louder, like this.  BRAAAAAP!

This wasn’t one of those times. This is how I knew I married the right woman, and this is how I knew you are my kid.  Other families may have their genetics and have their traditions.  We, Cookie, have our eructation gradation.