Really Expensive Strawberries

The corner deli sells a pound of strawberries for $2.50.

That one-pound carton costs between $4.99 and $6.99 at Whole Foods.

Head into Chinatown, and the street vendors will sell that one-pound carton for $1.25, a ridiculous price for the isle of Manhattan, even in the height of strawberry season.

So, how much did we pay for our strawberries, Cookie?

Mommy insisted on renting a car for the day: $184 (It’s a nice car, but the rental was only for one day.  Everything is more expensive here.)

We drove out into New Jersey: $45 (tolls)

Picking fee: $8 ($4 dollars per adult.  Yep, we paid the farm to work for them).

Strawberries: $9.5 ($3.5 per pound, at 5 pounds, minus a refund of the picking fee)

Total cost of strawberries: $49.30 per pound.

Strawberry Picking

Yep, those are the most expensive strawberries I’ve ever purchased, but if that’s the price to pay in order for me to raise a city girl who isn’t afraid of getting dirt under her fingernails, it’s totally worth it.

Strawberry Picking 2

You also picked a half pound of asparagus, but calculating the cost of an asparagus picking trip is just depressing.