I Have Something For You, Daddy

On the nights I’m home early enough, I’m greeted by a screaming toddler, running full tilt to the doorway to give me a hug.  Cookie, that’s the highlight of my day. Today, however, the shrieking stopped a good yard before impact.  As I stood waiting for the hug, you motioned me to follow you.

Cookie jumping up and down: I have something for you, Daddy!

Me: Oh?

Cookie: Follow me.  Hurry!

Me:  What is it?

Cookie actually running:  This way.  Hurry!

Me: Why are we going to the bathroom?

Cookie:  I had a gigantic poop today, Daddy.  I saved it so I could show you.

Me: …!

Your gigantic toddler poops always made me wonder how it was physically possible for such a large thing to come out of such a small child.

Cookie beaming:  Aren’t you proud of me?

Me:  Ummm… yes.  Yes, that actually is impressive.

Me:  …but just show Mommy next time, ok?