Learning How to Lie Properly

Also known as, should I really be teaching my one-year-old this stuff?

This story starts, as many of these stories start, with a fart.  It was a loud fart, like a balloon popping, a sound that startled both you and me.  We were in the middle of changing you into your pjs, just after brushing your teeth and before reading your bedtime books.  Mommy was still in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner plates.

Me:  That was a big one!

Cookie: Mommy did it.

Me: No, Mommy didn’t do it; she’s not even here.

Cookie: Oh.

Your face shows some serious thought occurring in that brain of yours.

Cookie:  Then, you did it!

Me: No, I would know if I did it.  You can’t blame someone else for your fart if everyone knows it’s not true.

Ten minutes later, after Mommy had joined us, and while we’re reading books, you let another loud fart rip.

Cookie:  I didn’t do it.  You don’t know if Mommy did it, and you don’t know if Daddy did it!

Mommy:  !   What did you teach her?