Tiger Mom Parenting

Sorry, Cookie.  Mommy is a Tiger Mom.  As a kid of another Tiger Mom (your Grandma), I know how it feels.  To be fair to Mommy, you did ask for it.  You did tell Mommy that you weren’t taking naps during nap time, and you did ask for a grid for you to practice writing Chinese.

I’m quite torn.  You’re in a pre-K 3 class with other three- and four-year olds where the teacher has been teaching a letter a week, but you’ve been able to read English before you turned two, and you’re now writing complete sentences (you get your messy handwriting from me).  The problem you’re going to face is the repetition as pre-K 4 and then kindergarten will teach the same letters and numbers all over again.  Skipping grades will only mean that you lose years from your childhood, so rather than let you get too far ahead, Mommy taught you to read and write Korean.  Now, since you’ve become as proficient with Korean as you are with English, we switched to Chinese.  In my defense (I swore never to be as pushy as Grandma), I never pushed you, but I also couldn’t discourage your wish to learn.  If you wished to read a book, well, who were we to say no?  If you wished to practice writing, how could we refuse?

Yet, there’s something inherently wrong sending “homework” to school for a four-year old to complete during nap time in pre-kindergarten, but what could I do? I couldn’t even tell you to put aside your little grid and play with your friends, because the teachers prohibit playing during nap time.  I know you won’t nap.  You could read during nap time, if you wished it, but you did ask for the grid to practice writing Chinese.  I can’t discourage your wish to learn, can I?

Mommy was quite angry when you ended up doodling all over the little practice grids instead of filling in the characters, and I couldn’t tell you how happy I was that you did what you did.  I’m proud of you, Cookie.