Snow Reality –Goldilocks Version

Cookie watching the snowpocalyse predictions:  YAY! MORE SNOW! MORE SNOW!

Me: If it actually snows that much, Cookie, you can’t play in the snow.  We’d lose you in the snow drifts and would have to come find you in the spring when it all melted.

Cookie: Oh.  Ok.  SOME SNOW! SOME SNOW!


This is why kids like you love snow, Cookie:


…and this is why grown-ups like me hate snow*:


Don’t grow up too fast, and enjoy the fun parts of life, kiddo.


*Not pictured: hundreds of yellow spots at dog level, traffic jams, hypothermia, subway and train delays, and that grey slushy stuff that tracks everywhere.

The Demons Have Been Exorcised. Hallelujah!

Mom (singing that horrible song):  Do you want to build a snowman?

Cookie:  No, I’m done.

It’s only taken a travel ban, a missed snowpocalypse, five snowmen, frostbite, and a few lost toes, but hallelujah, the Frozen obsession is gone.